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The amazing human “Body” is like an ecosystem, with complex relationships and dependencies that thrives when full synchronicity is attained. Total Body and energy homeostasis can be realized only when the mind, body and Energy system are in complete harmony. The interaction and impact of these elements on each other has been well balanced.

Emotional strife can lead to physical ailments in the same manner that illness can bring about emotional and spiritual distress. Traditional medicine, while having an important role, tends to focus primarily on healing of the body, overlooking the importance of the mind and Energy system in that process. The over-prescribing of medications all too often leads to adverse side effects and can have unforeseen complications as well.

Here at Journey to Wellness, the goal is to help you achieve your best in health and education for your body, mind and Body energy system utilizing alternative approaches. Utilizing kinesiology or Radiokinesis gives the body an upper hand in fighting back on the negative energies you may encounter in everyday life.

Whether you are in pain physically or emotionally it truly is up to your bodies’ energy system to tell you what and where and how you can repair it. Using kinesiology to test what is going on in the body will lead you down the right path one way or another. Make an appointment today we here to help you.